The New Natural Law with Michael Skiles

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May 21, 2015


7:30 pm


UCLA Law School Building, Room 1447
385 Charles E Young Drive
Los Angeles

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UCLA Law School Building, Room 1447

Event Description

This Thursday, May 21, Michael Skiles will give the first lecture in a new series of UCLA graduate student lectures presented by CLAFI.


Most ancient and medieval philosophers, whether pagan or monotheist, believed humans can discern and are subject to a law inherent in nature. This belief continued through the Enlightenment. John Locke, influential for the founding of the American republic, based his political philosophy in part on natural law. The Declaration of Independence is premised on “the Laws of Nature.” Is the natural law tradition viable in the 21st Century?


This lecture is free and open to all. Light refreshments will be provided.


Michael Skiles is a PhD student in philosophy at UCLA. He specializes in Moral Philosophy and Philosophy of Action. He has a degree in philosophy from Princeton University.