Past Events


James Ceaser

  1. Seminar: What is Populism and Where is it Going?
  2. Lecture: James Madison: The Founder of Modern Founding

James Muller

  1. Seminar: Churchill’s My Early Life
  2. Lecture: The Education of Winston Churchill

Interact Theater

  1. Play Reading: Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard

Gary Gallagher

  1. Seminar: Abraham Lincoln, Union War Aims, and the Limits of Reconstruction
  2. Lecture: Was Reconstruction a Lost Moment? Understanding the Connection between Union War Aims and Postwar Realities.


Daniel Lowenstein

  1. Seminar: Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure
  2. Lecture: Law and Mercy in The Merchant of Venice

Joshua Mitchell

  1. Seminar: Tocqueville’s Democracy in America
  2. Lecture: Globalism and the Crisis of Inheritance

Bill Harlan

  1. Seminar: Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part One
  2. Lecture: ‘Aye, Too Gentle!’: Re-Examining the Motives for Evil in Othello.

Robert Greenberg

  1. Seminar: Mozart’s Don Giovanni
  2. Lecture: Will the Real Wolfgang Mozart Please Stand Up?

Interact Theater

  1. Play Reading: Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia

Constance Walker

  1. Seminar: Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia
  2. Lecture: Jane Austen, Aristotle, and the Perfect Plot

Lorraine Pangle

  1. Seminar: Plato’s Criticism of Homer in The Rebublic
  2. Lecture: Homer, Educator of the Greeks (and Us)

Joan Waugh

  1. Seminar: Primary Documents Related to the 1868 Election
  2. Lecture: ‘Let Us Have Peace’: U.S. Grant, Union, and Civil Rights in the Election of 1868.

Interact Theater

  1. Play Reading: Bernard Shaw’s The Devil’s Discipline

Barry Kraft

  1. Seminar: Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Lucan’s Pharsalia.
  2. Lecture: Hamlet and the Spirit of Revenge