Past Events


James Ceaser

  1. Seminar: What is Populism and Where is it Going?
  2. Lecture: James Madison: The Founder of Modern Founding

James Muller

  1. Seminar: Churchill’s My Early Life
  2. Lecture: The Education of Winston Churchill

Interact Theater

  1. Play Reading: Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard

Gary Gallagher

  1. Seminar: Abraham Lincoln, Union War Aims, and the Limits of Reconstruction
  2. Lecture: Was Reconstruction a Lost Moment? Understanding the Connection between Union War Aims and Postwar Realities.


Daniel Lowenstein

  1. Seminar: Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure
  2. Lecture: Law and Mercy in The Merchant of Venice

Joshua Mitchell

  1. Seminar: Tocqueville’s Democracy in America
  2. Lecture: Globalism and the Crisis of Inheritance

Bill Harlan

  1. Seminar: Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part One
  2. Lecture: ‘Aye, Too Gentle!’: Re-Examining the Motives for Evil in Othello.

Robert Greenberg

  1. Seminar: Mozart’s Don Giovanni
  2. Lecture: Will the Real Wolfgang Mozart Please Stand Up?

Interact Theater

  1. Play Reading: Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia

Constance Walker

  1. Seminar: Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia
  2. Lecture: Jane Austen, Aristotle, and the Perfect Plot

Lorraine Pangle

  1. Seminar: Plato’s Criticism of Homer in The Rebublic
  2. Lecture: Homer, Educator of the Greeks (and Us)

Joan Waugh

  1. Seminar: Primary Documents Related to the 1868 Election
  2. Lecture: ‘Let Us Have Peace’: U.S. Grant, Union, and Civil Rights in the Election of 1868.

Interact Theater

  1. Play Reading: Bernard Shaw’s The Devil’s Discipline

Barry Kraft

  1. Seminar: Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Lucan’s Pharsalia
  2. Lecture: Hamlet and the Spirit of Revenge


Interact Theater

  1. Play Reading: Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People

Alan Blumenfeld

  1. Seminar: Chain Potok’s The Chosen
  2. Lecture: Finding Shylock: Love and Mercy in The Merchant of Venice

Craig Yirush

  1. Seminar: The Declaration of Independence
  2. Lecture: Dissenting Voices fro 1776: Why Islanders, Loyalists, Africans, and Indians Rejected the American Revolution

Bruce Redford

  1. Seminar: Goethe’s account of his visit to Italy
  2. Lecture: The Grand Tour of Europe

Diana Schaub

  1. Seminar: Douglass’ Oration in Memory of Abraham Lincoln
  2. Lecture: Abraham Lincoln and the Daughters of Dread Scott


  1. Seminar: Max Weber’s Politics as a Vocation
  2. Lecture: Is Ours a Godless Age?

John Maurer

  1. Seminar: Churchill’s essays on before, during, and after the war
  2. Lecture: Churchill, America, and the Great War

Interact Theater

  1. Play Reading: Euripides’ Hippolytus and Racine’s Phaedra


Interact Theater

  1. Play Reading: Tom Stoppard’s Rough Crossing .

Woody Holton

  1. Seminar: Letters of Abigail Adams
  2. Lecture: Washington Schlepped Here: How George Washington Admitted an Error and Won the Revolutionary War.

Gary Saul Morson

  1. Seminar: Three Stories by Anton Chekhov.
  2. Lecture: Russian Lessons from 1917: Novelists and the Intelligentsia.

Susan McWilliams

  1. Seminar: Walt Whitman’s Song of the Open Road
  2. LectureL Reading the American Road Trip.

Allen Guelzo

  1. Seminar: (Re)Visioning Reconstruction.
  2. Lecture: ReconstructionL The Last Bourgeois Revolution.

Andy Robinson

  1. Seminar: Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night.
  2. Lecture:Stepping into the Light: An Actor’s Journey.

Barry Shain

  1. Seminar: Monarchy, Republicanism, and the American Revolution.
  2. Lecture: The Tragic American Revolution and the Accidental Republic.

Interact Theater

  1. Play Reading: Moliere’s The Misanthrope

Wanda Corn

  1. Seminar: Writing’s on Georgia O’Keeffe
  2. Lecture: The Three Lives of Grant Wood’s American Gothic.


Interact Theater

  1. Play Reading: Jerry Sterner’s Other People’s Money

Robert Putnam

  1. Seminar:Our Kids
  2. Lecture: Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis

Matthew Crawford

  1. Seminar:Francois Furet’s Passing of an Illusion: The Idea of Communism in the Twentieth Century.
  2. Lecture: Attention as a Cultural Problem

Michael Allen

  1. Seminar: William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Table.
  2. Lecture: William Shakespeare’s Henry IV.

Mark Wahlgren Summers

  1. Seminar: The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson.
  2. Lecture:Dead Man Walking: The Not-So-Strange Stillbirth of Radical Reconstruction, 1868.

Fred Sanders

  1. Seminar:Sophocles’ Antigone.
  2. Lecture: Law, Rigor, and Personal Responsibility in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Take and Sophocles’ Antigone.

Vernon Smith

  1. Seminar: Adam Smith’s The Theory of Moral Sentiments.
  2. Lecture:On Changing False Beliefs: Three Cases from Experimental Economics.

Interact Theater

  1. Play Reading: Jean Anoulih’s and Sophocles’ Antigone

Paul Cantor

  1. Seminar: The Merchant of Venice: Shakespeare’s View of the Commercial Republic.
  2. Lecture: Robinson Crusoe and the Enlightenment Spirit of Capitalism.